25 November 2019£500 award to The Priory School, Shrewsbury
22 May 2019Winners of the Marsh Award 2019

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£500 award to The Priory School, Shrewsbury
Monday 25 November 2019

The Arts Society Shrewsbury won the Marsh award for the committee which has done the most in the field of art education and heritage conservation in 2019. The £500 prize has since been awarded to The Priory School, Shrewbury to benefit students in years 8 to 9 (12-14 year olds). 

With school funding becoming increasingly restricted, Arts are often the first area to suffer cuts. Five schools were invited to apply for the funding and the judges were very impressed by the enthusiastic response and well thought-out application from The Priory School.

The award will be spent on print-making masterclasses led by experienced local artist and educator, James Millichamp. 

Sian Joao, Head of Art at the school, said: "A workshop producing cyanotypes of the school building (a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print), will offer a very structured programme which will meet the needs of pupils of all abilities".

Corinne Russell of The Arts Society Shrewsbury, said: "We are delighted to present this cheque to The Priory School Art Department. We know that the techniques learned at the masterclass will be used for many years to come."