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17 April 2019The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters: Goya, A Social and Political Critic
15 May 2019Salvador Dali and Surrealism
19 June 2019Carmen In Seville
18 September 2019Anton Gaudi:Catalonia Modernisme
16 October 2019Picasso and his Women

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters: Goya, A Social and Political Critic Angela Smith Wednesday 17 April 2019

This lecture is about Francisco Goya, a Spanish artist who began his career as a painter of religious imagery and a designer of tapestries. He was a friend of many of the enlightened thinkers in late 18th century Spain known as the ilustrados and like them, he had much to say about the times in which he lived. Goya’s prints in particular proved a useful tool for his reflections on the pain and suffering generated during the French occupation of Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. In this lecture we survey Goya’s career and focus on the way in which the artist used his art as a vehicle of commentary on human behaviour. 

Angela Smith has a PhD from the Warburg Institute, London University. She is the author of numerous articles and several books including A Timeline of Art History (2013). She is an experienced lecturer who has taught for several universities, and has also led tours to various museums and galleries, most recently she led a three week cultural tour in Spain for ADFAS.


Image: Francisco de Goya El Medico